When you are ready to lose, then you ready to win.

Join me on this lifelong adventure.



My name is Manuel and I am from the Netherlands. I live in a place called Ermelo. Several years I worked in Dordrecht for project Bonfire. I like to play my guitar and sing. I believe in the Words of Jesus. Also I like to do different kind of sports. 

Because of my background in recreational work, I have a broad experience in working with all ages in small and large groups. In recent years I have been able to visit various development aid projects (for children in particular) in Africa and South America and help them through different organizations in a team context.

For musical, teaching or speaking engagements I am available on reqeust through out the year. If you wish to contact me, you can e-mail me or use the form on this website. I wish you a nice day!

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"Revival is the full life of Jesus Christ becoming visible on earth in and through the church."



I see myself doing missions all around the world;
through helping out and inspiring local churches with the Words of Jesus to fulfill our corporate mission to the disciple the nations.
I dream of bringing the power of the Holy Spirit back to the traditional church and to unite church denominations in working together as one. I like to do this internationally. Through music, teaching and preaching (demonstration of God’s power) – in small and big meetings – in connection to local churches.

In addition, I dream to help out development projects and bring them to the attention of the public.


If you wish to get in contact or recieve my newsletter, you can use the form on this website.